• about

    save lives, one beat at a time


    to be the leading vital signs monitoring system wherever you are - in the clinic, after a procedure, on a trek, or at home

    how do we do it ?

    we start by building the most sophisticated self enclosed, real time monitoring device - a 9 cm triangular patch that the patient places on their chest - for as long as is required - from a minute to several days


    your vital signs are wirelessly transmitted and viewed remotely by your physicians, on any smart device across the globe


    machine learning algorithms look for immediate signs as well as longer term subtle changes, allowing clinicians to make immediate, accurate, and predictive decisions



  • innovation with every beat

    biomedical sensing

    continuous, streaming real-time data

    wireless charging

    proprietary event detection algorithms

    artificial intelligence and machine learning

    making the ICU mobile

    6 lead ECG



    blood oxygen




    integrated BP

  • board & advisors

    Rahul Shingrani

    Chief Executive Officer

    Over 15 years of global experience in medical device research & commercialisation. Formerly at Siemens, NY, Medtronic, MN, J&J, NJ, and Philips, Bangalore. Rahul is a biomedical engineering graduate of Mumbai and Marquette University, WI

    Sudhir Borgonha

    Chief Medical Officer​

    Doctor with over 20 years of experience in early stage biomedical companies. Former CEO of TMI. Triesta. Medical Director of Strand Genomics, Embrace Innovations, Martindale Pharma, UK Graduate of St. John's Medical College and Sloan School of Management, MIT

    Manish Singhal

    Investor, Board Member

    Founder of pi Ventures, LetsVenture. Manish is an Investor & Board Member at like Locus, BetterButter, AdSparx, DropKaffe, Apartment ADDA, Freshersworld, AdPushUp, GoCoop. Formerly at Slingmedia, p39 Capital. Graduate of IIT, Kanpur.

    Deepinder Dhingra

    Investor, Advisor

    Angel investor and advisor to several startups in the US and India, Deepinder has industry leading expertise in Big Data Analytics, Enterprise AI, and Product & IP Strategy. Chief Product Officer at Noodle.ai and graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and IIT, Kanpur.

  • team

    Prasad Bhat

    Chief Operating Officer

    Heads the Operations, QA and certifications teams. Formerly at Opto Circuits and Embrace Innovation. Studied at VTU, Bangalore and University of Texas, Arlington.

    Amit Basu

    Systems Architect

    Over 20 years of leadership experience, handling large software projects. Formerly Head of R&D at Schneider for 7 years, Earlier at Symphony Services and CESC. Amit leads software development at ten3T

    Reetika Raj

    Algorithm & Data Sciences

    Expertise in medical signal analytics. Previously at Ericsson. Education at National Institute of Technology, Surat. Reetika leads predictive algorithm development at ten3T

    Anoop Krishnan

    Head, Software

    Senior leadership role in software development of medical devices. including ECG, Non Invasive Blood Pressure, and SpO2, Prior experience at Opto Circuits and Medtronic. Graduated from VTU, Bangalore.


  • recognitions

    ten3T is among the ten best startups in wearable technology

    ten3T recognised as one of the top 100 startups to watch in 2018

  • coverage

    Economic Times, Sunday Edition

    A look into the top hardware startups in India

    ten3T's platform is geared to predict illness earlier, faster, and more accurately as it gets featured amongst the top hardware startups in the country,

    The Economic Times

    ten3T helps patients with real time cardiac monitoring

    ET's look into how Cicer came about and its benefits in clinical practice

    TechInAsia & Business Standard

    ten3T's wearable medical device could be a boon for heart patients

    A look into how Cicer helped diagnose an intermittent cardiac disorder, and how it can help many others

    The Economic Times

    How potential entrepreneurs can tap India's affordable medical devices market

    Dr. Sudhir Borgonha, Co-Founder and CEO, ten3T talks about how patients can be moved out of expensive ICU beds using ten3T's proprietary innovations

    The Economic Times

    Real time cardiac company raises funding

    BENGALURU: Real-time cardiac monitoring company ten3T has secured funding from pi Ventures to beta test its first device. "At pi Ventures, we are looking to support disruptive product companies in the applied artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT (internet of things) space, and ten3T presents a very compelling case,"

    Next Big Thing

    Cicer launch by ten3T

    The funds raised by the company will be deployed to beta test its first device, Cicer in multiple healthcare settings, including doctors in private practice, nursing homes and for at-home monitoring. The device monitors real time ECG, respiration, pulse and temperature and streams them simultaneously in real time to the doctor’s tablet and the nursing station.

    chAI, New Delhi

    Artificial Intelligence in Medicine​

    Rahul Shingrani, Co-Founder, ten3T shared his experiences and perspectives on building healthcare monitoring devices and data ecosystems for artificial intelligence in healthcare at IFC, New Delhi

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